New PR visa rules of Canada

New PR visa rules of Canada

The new visa rules for Canada are important to understand. Its because once you don’t know them, your PR visa application can be rejected. Once this happens, it can be quite frustrating and you can also lose the right to apply again.

The 1st rule which is important for the Canada PR is that the candidates are now given points as per their knowledge of French. So, this has opened better doors for candidates living in European countries who have some knowledge of French. With scores as good as CLB 7 in French, a candidate can get 30 points as per the Canada new visa rules of Express Entry. They also should have a better command of English. So, when you can get CLB 7 in French and you also have scores as much as CLB 5 in English, its possible to get 30 points. You can also get 15 points by having a score of just CLB  4 in English. So, all in all, it’s not bad to know French well and sit for a French exam mandated by IRCC.

Change in the  application procedure for Quebec

Let’s discuss some other novel visa rules. These visa rules mandate that the candidate must apply for the Quebec immigration through Arrima only. Talking about that, Quebec earlier had the rule of candidates applying for its immigration through the Quebec Skilled Worker at specific times only. So, this application required that the candidate was supposed to apply through the Mon Project Quebec portal which was also open for limited times. Now, it’s not so and the application can be done at any time desired by you through the Arrima portal.

So, candidates who want to reach and live in Quebec have to use this Arrima portal. The applications have begun and have been happening since September 2018. The candidates, however, need to have the right points for being suitable as per this immigration program.

Changes in the Quebec immigrant investor program


New visa rules have also been launched by Quebec in its Immigrant Investor Program. As per the changes announced, the visa rules will now require candidates to invest more money to get the PR of this province. The candidates for this program are supposed to have an increased net worth of 2 million CAD from an earlier requirement of 1.6 million CAD earlier. The investment requirements have gone up to 1,200,000 CAD from 8,00,000 CAD earlier. So, it’s not such a welcome change for Quebec immigration aspirants. More so, as applicable earlier the immigrants interested in such applications should apply for this investment program by investing their money with a financial intermediary. When this money is invested in such a way, the Quebec government recognizes the investment. In fact, such financial intermediaries can also fund this amount.

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A candidate needs to know which financial intermediaries are entitled to be a part of the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. The most reliable part of this investment based immigration program is that the investment amount of 1,200,000 CAD is returned after 5 years.

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