So you’re considering getting a swimming pool for your lawn that will give long stretches of delight, chuckling, and a good time for your family. Almost certainly, owning a swimming pool will have a great and enduring impact on your life. In any case, with the end goal to make the most out of this experience, it’s essential you comprehend what your alternatives are and which kind of pool will best suit your requirements.

Despite the fact that we are one of the world’s biggest makers of inground fiberglass pools here at Leisure Pools, we’ve chosen to give you the fair and impartial answers you have to answer this imperative inquiry. Here goes…

Above Ground Pool

Focal points

There is one complete preferred standpoint of an over the ground swimming pool – cost. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, an over the ground pool will cost not exactly any sort of inground pool (accepting you don’t manufacture an expansive deck around it, so, all things considered, you could have simply purchased an inground pool).


For most people, the greatest disservice of over the ground pools is their feel. Some can see an over the ground pool as a blemish. Frequently subdivisions don’t take into consideration their development inside their agreements. Indeed, even with a deck constructed altogether around them, an over the ground pool will for the most part never add to the presence of your home and yard. Truth be told, it will probably be an impediment.

Another drawback of an over the ground pool is their profundity and structure confinement. As a rule, most over the ground pools come in one of 3 shapes—circle, oval, or square shape.

Over the ground pools essentially are not worked to keep going quite a while. Their metals dividers can oxidize and rust effectively, and the greater part of structures will for the most part flop in the 8-multi year point. Therefore, an over the ground pool for the most part isn’t calculated in as an enhancement when a house is being esteemed and can be an obstruction when endeavoring to offer a house.

Vinyl Liner Inground Pools

Focal points:

In case you’re hoping to get an inground pool and have an extremely constrained spending plan, vinyl liner might be the best decision for you. Their material expenses are low and therefore a vinyl liner pool will as a rule cost $5,000 to $10,000 less at first than their solid or fiberglass partners.For more info about pools contact here Swimming Pool Companies in Dubai

With a vinyl liner pool, you have not very many points of confinement with regards to shape and size. With the present innovation, you can make the pool as profound and as surprising/straight/vast as you’d like.


The greatest detriment of a vinyl liner inground pool is simply the liner. The material is a polymer and it will separate after some time and should be supplanted. Likewise, the liner can tear effortlessly or wind up fixed from the sides, causing it gradually to fall into the water.

By and large (and paying little respect to what “guarantees” say), you can expect your inground vinyl liner to last between 7-12 years, with the normal expense of substitution (work, liner, and water) in the $3,000 to $7,000 territory, contingent upon the size/state of the pool.

Another impediment of a liner pool is the tasteful look. As a rule, a standard liner pool establishment will look considerably “less expensive” and “impermanent” than a fiberglass or solid pool. Therefore a vinyl liner inground pools commonly don’t enhance your home like a fiberglass or solid pool would do of a similar size.

In numerous nations now, vinyl liner pools are never again sold and fiberglass pools and solid pools are the swimming pools of decision.

Concrete (Gunite) Pools

Points of interest:

The principle preferred standpoint of a solid pool is the way that it very well may be structured and tweaked to fit any size, shape, or profundity you’d like. From a visual point of view, a solid pool can look exceptionally pleasant in light of these adjustable highlights.

Solid pools increase the value of the property and are a benefit when the proprietor hopes to offer the home.


By a wide margin, the greatest downside to a solid pool is the high support required to keep these pool really, clear, and clean. Not exclusively completes a solid pool require more synthetic compounds and brushing amid the season, yet it additionally experiences a costly reemerge by and large every 8-15 years.

Another inconvenience of a solid pool is its harshness of surface. Not exclusively does this unpleasantness prompt corrosive washing and simple green growth development, yet in addition it tends to be difficult for youngsters’ feet, and cause them to seep following a couple of long periods of playing in the pool.

Solid pools likewise generally set aside a long opportunity to construct. This can be baffling for mortgage holders as they have a consistent development zone in their yard for by and large 3 months.

Solid pools are not in a perfect world suited for salt chlorination. Albeit salt chlorinators can be introduced on solid pools a solid pool with require more upkeep and will require reemerging sooner than if conventional water cleaning was set up. Given the many astounding advantages of salt chlorination this is a weakness for solid pools.


Points of interest:

As a rule, it’s presently an acknowledged certainty that fiberglass pools require minimal measure of upkeep of any swimming pool available today. With their smooth, non-permeable surfaces, it’s difficult for green growth to develop on fiberglass and when utilized with a salt chlorinator, the negligible upkeep is bewildering for some pool proprietors.

Fiberglass swimming pools can be introduced in a brief timeframe. The fundamental reason being is that the swimming pool structure is created off site implying that once the gap for the swimming pool is unearthed the got done with swimming pool structure can be brought down into the gap and all that is then required is for the decking and arranging to be finished around the swimming pool. Fiberglass swimming pools can be completely introduced an operational in as meager as 5 days.

Recreation Pools have made enormous headways in the shading innovation of fiberglass swimming pools. Relaxation Pools offers every one of its swimming pool structures in the Leisure Pools SMART shading range. This new shading extent is accessible in 6 unmistakable hues and every ha a staggering shimmer wrap up. The surface is smooth and subsequently youngsters and grown-ups skin isn’t harmed by the pool surface.

Relaxation Pools have made progressions in assembling innovation with the arrival of the Leisure Pools Composite Armour™ swimming pool. This swimming pool has enhanced flexural and rigidity empowering Leisure Pools to offer a Lifetime Structural Warranty and Lifetime Osmosis Warranty (see guarantee for terms). Lifetime guarantee implies at the very least 35 years. So u can click here Swimming Pool Installation in Dubai These guarantees are far better than anything offered by over the ground, vinyl liner and solid pools.

As a fiberglass swimming pool is worked off a shape the advantage is that the plan schematic is actually what the swimming pool will resemble. We hear such a significant number of clients grumble about solid pools after they have been manufactured in light of the fact that the plan is shaped nearby and in such huge numbers of cases the structure visualized by the client isn’t what is at last worked by the solid pool manufacturer. With fiberglass swimming pools you know precisely the structure and measuring empowering you to design your patio finishing around that correct plan.

One of the incredible favorable circumstances of a fiberglass swimming pool is the scope of structures that are accessible. Relaxation Pools offers a wide range of plans to suit an assortment of home engineering. Our plans are based off considerable statistical surveying to learn the different highlights and advantages clients are needing from a swimming pool.


The primary hindrance of a fiberglass swimming pool is that the swimming pool should be transported through street to the home site so we are restricted with regards to the measurements of the swimming pool. Our biggest swimming pool is 40′ (12 meters) and 16′ wide (4.8 meters). In the event that you need a swimming pool bigger than this size then a solid swimming pool will be your best choice. In truth be that as it may, 95% of swimming pools are under 40′ (12 meters) long.

The second burden of fiberglass pools is on the off chance that you are searching for a plan that isn’t accessible from our range. Fiberglass swimming pools are worked off a form that is a costly thing to manufacture. Accordingly, we are restricted to the quantity of form structures. Relaxation Pools embraces broad statistical surveying to guarantee that we can offer a scope of plans to suit 95% of client prerequisites nonetheless on the off chance that you are needing a structure that is somewhat strange then you may need to think about solid swimming pools.


We immovably trust that the Leisure Pools composite fiberglass swimming pool is the best accessible swimming pool structure for 95% of client prerequisites. We ask individuals on a financial plan to take a gander at fiberglass before over the ground and vinyl liner pools. Regardless of whether you have to hold up a year to set aside the distinction in the long haul both as far as upkeep and expanded an incentive in your home it will be the best choice for you over the long haul.