Intelitopia Complete Massage Gun Kit w/ 4 Massage Head

Attachments and add-ons

The TimTam is nicely-appreciated for its charge, however the low charge point doesn’t make up for the lack of attachments or add-ons. The gun itself best comes with one attachment. but, the usual ball attachment that it comes with is threaded and is screwed into vicinity.

TimTam does have a few alternate muscle gun you should purchase which permit it to compete with different rub down guns in terms of variability. The TimTam comes with a portable journeying case and a charger for the removable battery.

Battery existence

The battery become effective at some point of the half-hour of use. With a removable 12V lithium ion battery, you could rubdown most of your stress points without feeling the rate drop off. customers using in crew or professional settings may additionally need to purchase more than one batteries or inspect TimTam’s fitness center restoration Station.


The TimTam is a great massager in case you are on a price range and just want some thing to help you work out strained muscles. while it’s not as powerful as different hand held massagers, the lower price point and decent percussions in step with minute nevertheless make it a exquisite massage gun for home use.

TheraGun G3Pro

TheraGun is a stand-out brand and has persisted to elevate it’s product with every era of its rub down gun. The organization doesn’t disappoint with the TheraGun G3Pro.

It’s very clean to apply and it offers on electricity with a stall force of 60 kilos and a pair of adjustable speeds of one,750 percussions in line with minute and 2,four hundred percussions per minute. moreover, the rub down gun is pretty – a great

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