Online Shopping The New Face of Shopping

Online Shopping The New Face of Shopping

The revolutionizing internet family together with market globalization has totally changed the
age old face of the shopping with new concept of online shopping. Gone are the days, when
people had to hunt number of stores and Biggest Ecommerce Companies for getting a particular
Today, online shopping has brought the opportunity of selecting a product from plethora of
choices by just a mouse click. One can shop online for any product or service with more
comprehensive category selections and broader merchant listings from all across the world.The
immense boost in the trend of shopping online among both the upper and middle class has
gained popularity due to the easy availability to internet. With just an access to a computer and
an internet one can explore the gigantic online market with every known store and brand around
the world.
Online stores advertise their products and offer catalogues with all possible details & features
and best discounts to help one to choose the product of their requirement with unmatched deal.
Along with the freedom of selection, shopping online also helps one to compare products of
different brands so that one can enjoy the fun of shopping by spending less.
Looking for latest fashion, advanced gadgets and technology across the world, one can shop
online by just sitting at their home or office desk. One can also shop online for cheap travelling

tickets, tour packages, food, health, beauty or other services offered by both high and non-high
street stores with considerable saving. To add more to it, shopping online also allows one to
remain in its comfort zone with high level of anonymity and doorstep delivery anywhere in the
Shrinking the world to its extreme, online shopping has also touched the market of India.
Becoming a fastest growing business, online shopping India offers attractive deals in the form of
loyalty points and rewards so that one can also earn money on the purchase made.
Some of these also offer gift packages and other benefits to their customers with enhanced
services to get a hold on the market over their counterparts. Speedy and remarkably easy,
online shopping India offers simplest methods for monetary transactions. Moreover, the
emerging technologies used by these websites have helped in securing the transactions to add
safe experiences to the memory treasure of shopping lovers.
As with the every segment shopping online also comes with its own pros and cons. Hence, it is
paramount for all online shoppers to check the authenticity, product rating and other details to
avail the best deals. Before purchasing the product, one has to be very cautious regarding the
terms and conditions of payment, product delivery and defected products of the online retailer.
Additionally, one has to be aware with the quality, return and exchange policies followed by the
retailer. Shoppers can also check the reviews and ratings of the products and retailers to avoid
the risk of loss on purchase made. Adding pleasing experiences, only a reliable online store can
aid to buy premium products to shoppers from all walks of life keeping their purchase within
their budget.
The Innovative World Of The Wall Street Journal Online
At one time, newspapers were incredibly influential in terms of their ability to shape opinion. This
is not the case anymore. The main reason for this is the fact that online news sources are
providing serious competition to the traditional print press. This has led to a significant decline in
newspaper circulations.
However, a small number of print newspapers have not only survived the online storm; they
have done extraordinarily well despite the competition. The Wall Street Journal, for example,
still boasts two million readers a day. Even more impressive, however, is the fact that the paper
has transitioned quite well into the online medium.

Its online subscriber numbers are staggering as the paper has close to one million members.
These are truly amazing numbers and it leads many people to wonder the secret of the Wall
Street Journal?s success.
Part of the reason is that although the Wall Street Journal is named after a particular street in
New York City, the subject matter of the paper is international in scope. There are financial
markets all over the world. People involved in these markets require an influx of news on the
subject of banking, finance, and the economy.
Whether it is the financial district of modern London or the black Wall Street of 1920?s
Oklahoma, people all over the world have required financial news. The Wall Street Journal
provided for that need. As a result, it has been reaping the rewards since its inception in an
earlier century.
Of course, the ability for the Wall Street Journal to stay relevant ties in with the foresight to
create an online presence. This is no minor feet. Had the Wall Street Journal not effectively
developed a credible online subscription service it would have lost ground to more visionary
Yes, the Journal could have gotten into the game at a later date but this would have been seen
as a ?follow the leader? tactic and not one of innovation. The New York Times learned this
lesson when its late start into online news subscription services never caught on.
How ahead of the game was the Wall Street Journal in this regard? Well, the Wall Street
Journal Online debuted in 1996. (URL: )The internet was making its first massive expansion into
people?s homes during this time period. The Wall Street Journal was well ahead of the curve
since it immediately jumped into the fray. Yes, several newspapers had websites but they were
sparse and did not truly embody the look and feel of a new media dynamo. The Wall Street
Journal Online did and it set the foundation for the future growth that it would soon experience.
Part of the reason for this is that the Wall Street Journal understood the trends media
communications were being directed. Since the Wall Street Journal lived in a realm of dollars
and cents, it understood that the future of news would be found in online subscriptions.
Traditional newspapers were simply too mired in tradition to grasp this concept. As such, they
fell behind while the Wall Street Journal embraced change and rode it to significant new media

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